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Interviewer: Do we get to see anything about [..] them trying to work out the day to day intricacies of dating?

Thoughts on Hook’s Hook from a Hook Mun


Really, it’s too soon to make a big deal about whether or not Hook will get his hand back (and it was done in a joking way that we can’t take 100% seriously, tbh), but as someone who gets asked in my RPing “would you like to get your hand back?” I’ve devoted a fair amount to thought about Hook and the possibility of him getting his hand back.

We know that Hook’s hand is in Mr. Gold’s shop. He’s kept it all these years. That has left open the possibility that Hook could some day get his hand back (and not have it be like Wormtail’s hand in the Harry Potter series). The writers have always indicated that Hook could wind up having two hands again. It’s always been something that I’ve been like “yeah, it could happen.”

I’ve never really been interested in Hook getting his hand back. I like Killian having a hook — it looks cool, it’s kind of sexy, and it’s important to his character. Now, you can argue that he’s changing and that his redemption arc has happened, so it makes sense for him to change not just his outfits, but also to get his hand back. I’m not so thrilled about this because of a number of reasons. First, A person does not need to be physically perfect or “whole” in order to be a “whole person” deserving of their happy ending. Second, OUAT has already done disability erasure with Mr. Gold/Rumple’s redemption arc. It sends an ableist message. 

There are ways that it could be done, however, where Hook getting his hand back could not be a part of his redemption arc, or his hand is not returned to make him “whole.” For example, Rumple could give it back as an apology. (Not likely). It’s also possible that Emma could restore his hand as an act of love. 

Now, with the spoilers about a “believer” and “a helping hand” in combination with the spoilers about Henry haning out more with Mr. Gold and possibly working in his shop, I believe Henry will be the one to restore Killian’s hand. Jared has indicated wanting to develop the Captain Cobra friendship, and Henry giving Hook his hand back after seeing it in Mr. Gold’s shop would be consistent with the spoilers that have been given.

If Hook is going to get his hand back, that is how I want it to happen. Will I be mad if it’s done another way? Nope. Will I be happy if the writers are joking or if this is going to be a dream sequence? Yes.

Now, onto the most important matter: Does Hook want his hand back? As someone who’s had to answer this question several times, I don’t think there’s an easy yes or no answer. You can’t blame someone who lost a limb for wanting to get it back. Having disable friends and family members, I know that it royally sucks to be disabled. If Hook wanted to get his hand back simply because it made his life easier, that’s fine. If he voices that opinion on the show, then I support it 100%. But (and it’s a big but), Hook’s hook is a part of his identity. Hell, it’s become his name. He might not want to give that part of himself up. But, how he lost his hand is painful (in more than just physical ways). If he wanted to not be reminded of that part of his life, then I wouldn’t blame him for wanting his hand back and removing the tattoo of Milah’s name and Rumple’s dagger. Wouldn’t blame him at all.

At present, however, Hook has expressed only attachment to his hook, and Hook’s opinion really is the only one that matters. If someone gives Hook back his hand without his consent, that’s not very cool, even if it’s done for “the right” reasons (i.e. out of love or concern). But, if Hook indicates that he wants to have his hand back, then I don’t see why anyone (on the show or as a viewer) should tell him no, especially since we know it could possibly happen. 

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Colin ‘I Don’t Know What to Say’ O’Donoghue

Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.

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The singer known as “La Reina del Bolero”, Olga Guillot

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Funfetti Donut Muffins | Deliciously Yum

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Cupcake Toppers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

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Did somebody say Mulatto? Find out by watching and sharing the f—k out of our new trailer! #LoveYall

—> http://youtu.be/XwJhmqLU0so

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